Used raw materials

Placenta raw material from Hokkaido because the landscape itself and the nature tend to the natural breeding the horses in Japan Mushroom extracts from Nagano and Mie prefecture where the patent secrets of longevity are kept Tea extracts from Shizuoka where high-mountain plantations steeply go down to the Pacific Ocean, and sunny weather keeps almost the whole year round Orchid extract from Kanagawa and Okayama where the unique orchid plantations are cultivated. More than 100 species and sorts were rewarded with Imperial Cup for their incredible beauty


We have the contracts with several productions meeting our requirements:

  • Production of cosmetics;
  • Production of supplements of various actions.

We choose unbelievable variety of extracts and fermented raw materials from the south part of Japan – Kagoshima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki. The local culture has centuries of experience in the fermentation of raw materials for food, drinks, supplements

Production of supplements in Nagano prefecture

Production is located in eco-zone of Nagano. It is a prefecture located in the centre of Japan, on Honshu island. This is the most mountainous prefecture known as “a roof of Japan”. Certificate of food safety system ISO22000: 2005 and certificate GMP on supplements was gotten. Chosen plants production is safety and has low risk of low quality products.


Production of supplements in GIFU

Certified production “Good Manufacturing Process” is located in the eco-zone of Gifu, where mountain ranges constitutes a lot of rivers with great flows and excellent quality of water. It is the most main component for quality and useful products.

  • Production doesn’t contain artificial components, GMO, alcohol, preserving agents and other unnatural components

  • In the production are involved specialists with high level of qualification

  • The newest technology and equipments is used for production

  • Products are experienced several steps of checking the quality beginning with the raw material choosing

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